Syrahmi X EZARD Wine Dinner

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This August EZARD is teaming up with Syrahmi wines over two spectacular nights. Hosted by experienced wine maker Adam Foster, the night will include five delicious EZARD courses each paired with matured wines, including a never-before vertical tasting of all 12 vintages of Syrahmi Shiraz from 2004-2015.

In 2002 Foster decided to give up ‘chefing’ to immerse himself in the winemaking process. Since then his experience in the industry has been quite diverse and somewhat unconventional. His original training was in food and we credit his understanding of flavours and combinations to his highly trained palette and “in the trenches”  training with the best.

Guests will enjoy:

Cured swordfish, whipped sheep’s yoghurt, preserved
seaweed, pickled ginger, puffed jasmine rice
2017 Garden of Earthly Delights Riesling

Roasted quail, pancetta, smoked beetroot jus, warrigal greens  
2004 Syrahmi ‘SV2’    
2005 Syrahmi ‘V2’    
2006 Syrahmi ‘Petit Priere’ 

Pork belly, cherry and mustard glaze, Chinese five spice       
2007 Syrahmi ‘Don’    
2008 Syrahmi ‘Maelstrom’     
2009 Syrahmi ‘Climat   
2010 Syrahmi ‘Siren’

Angus beef, smoked potato croquette, ox tongue, brussel sprout, pepper jus    
2011 Syrahmi ‘Finesse’   
2012 Syrahmi ‘Dreams’     
2013 Syrahmi ‘X’

Comte Gruyere served with spiced cherry compote, lavoche     
2014 Syrahmi ‘Last Dance’       
2015 Syrahmi ‘Granite’     
2012 Syrahmi ‘La la’


Monday August 13 and Tuesday August 14


EZARD, 187 Flinders Lane Melbourne

$330 - includes food and wine 

Reservations: 9639 6811