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It's EZARD, But Not as You Know It.

Posted: 13 February 2017 By Ezard

Our dear friends at Melbourne Food and Wine festival are celebrating their 25th year, and we're joining the celebrations to reveal a new era of EZARD.

After 17 years, EZARD is entering a new phase, steered by Head Chef Jarrod DiBlasi and guided by the experienced hand of eponymous Chef-owner Teage Ezard. We’ll be revisiting the inimitable EZARD concept with a fresh set of eyes fresh heading into 2017.

The menu will offer Jarrod’s interpretation of the reconstructed Asian flavours that EZARD and its namesake have become synonymous with. Some things, however, will remain the same-most importantly, that carefully selected paired wines will accompany the special 5-course festival menu. It’s EZARD, but not as you know it.

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